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Anne Hutchinson Students Enter the Shark Tank

Third graders at Anne Hutchinson became entrepreneurs this year when they created a marketing campaign for a product or service they designed. It felt like an episode of Shark Tank as students presented detailed slideshows and prototypes to their classmates, School Superintendent Dr. Robert Glass and principal Dr. Annette Keane.

For Lorenzo Caruso, the sky's the limit. He envisioned a car that flies. "My selling price is 3 million dollars. The cost of the material is 1.5 million dollars. My profit, 1.5 million dollars."

Other ideas included an all-in-one curling iron and hairdryer, a chocolate chip cookie with a recipe handed down through generations and a cheesy chip called Doties, pronounced dot-ees, to rival Doritos.

"I wanted it to be small so that you could take it on the road with you. It is bite-sized," said Anthony Napior as he displayed a cylinder container the size of a quarter.

Teacher Danielle Mariano is a leave replacement for Perri Ross who worked for approximately 15 years in marketing and responded to the students' requests to participate in this project. She worked with the students in addition to teaching the third grade curriculum.

"I believe that it is vital for children to have the confidence to feel comfortable speaking in front of an audience, especially their peers," said Mariano. "We often have debates in class and express our thoughts and opinions while respecting our classmates at all times.  Once a child has confidence, they will soar!"

The marketing project incorporated many aspects of ELA and math. The young entrepreneurs had to determine the cost to make the item, the price, profit, target audience, how it would be advertised and their competitors.

Rose Woods Dionisio marketed her great-grandmother's cookies. "I really like creating the cookies and figuring out what businesspeople do to get the product on the shelf."

These students are ready to sell their products or services and make a deal.