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Eastchester Insights

COVID-19 Cleaning

The EUFSD Operations and Maintenance staff work diligently to keep all buildings clean and safe. Please view this link to see extra precautions that are taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quarantine Experience

Eastchester parent Andy Bellach speaks to us about her family’s experience when one of her children had to quarantine at home for fourteen days.

“After quarantine, we realized how important it truly is not to get together with others and to really respect the importance of staying socially distanced, and to fully respect all the rules that are in place,” said Bellach.

Watch the complete video for more on this family’s quarantine experience.  

Celebrating the Holidays

The Coronavirus has changed how we are celebrating the holidays this year.  EUFSD Medical Director Dr. Rebecca Collins offers us some suggestions in this edition of Eastchester Insights.  “Unfortunately, the safest thing to do is to stay with our household, celebrate with those we are living with and look for creative ways to celebrate at a distance or with those that we love.”

You can find more resources by following this link.

Emotional Support

The holidays can be a time of struggle for many during a typical year and the Coronavirus Pandemic has made it even more difficult for some of our families.  In this edition of Eastchester Insights, Medical Director Dr. Rebecca Collins tells us how to help each other and stay connected when we are apart.

A Teacher's Quarantine Experience 

Eastchester High School science teacher Dr. Eric Fermann share his experiences in quarantine in this edition of Eastchester Insights.

“It is very hard at home to manage students in a classroom, (and) students at home at the same time while I’m not in either of those places.  I have plans for what I want to do when I am in school and all those plans get thrown out the window for two weeks straight,” said Dr. Fermann. “When their teacher is in quarantine, it makes it harder because there is no personal interaction.”

Please follow this link to watch the entire video. 

 A Student's Quarantine Experience

Eastchester High School student Brian Kim-Koutsis adapted his routine when he had to quarantine at home for two weeks. “The worst part is probably sitting at my desk and computer for 15 hours a day, finishing online schoolwork,” said Brian who is president of the Eastchester Government Organization

Please watch the entire video as he explains what it is like to be a teenager navigating the COVID world and quarantine.