• July 1, 2021

    Dear Eastchester Schools Community,

    On behalf of the entire Eastchester Schools faculty and staff, I want to thank you for the privilege of educating the children of this amazing community. Your constant support and partnership have been indispensable in a school year overshadowed by all things COVID. Together, we adapted and persevered, with our students overcoming challenge after challenge to ultimately realize a rewarding year of learning and growth. As life continues its return to something more normal, it is now time to celebrate all that we have accomplished as a team, even as we look forward to great things on the horizon.

    I could not be more excited about the promise of the school year before us as we prepare for fully-live, in-person instruction five days per week in 2021-22. More than getting “back to normal,” the upcoming school year provides us an opportunity to become the “best possible version of ourselves” both as individuals and as a school district. We will enter this fall leveraging all the digital instructional enhancements we learned over the past 15 months while at the same time extending to one another abundant empathy gained through our shared struggle. 

    Our ability to meet student needs in 2021-22 will be augmented with additional staffing in the areas of social work, guidance counseling and technology integration. We are also adding some new tools and programs to individually assess and address anticipated student needs whether they be academic or social/emotional. All of these efforts will be firmly grounded in a dynamic strategic plan that will be completed in January of 2022, providing a compelling vision to light our pathway for years to come.

    The comforting words of author Lailah Gifty Atika, remind us that “deep darkness precedes the dawn of the brightest light.” Given the magnitude of challenges we have successfully confronted together in 2020-2021, I am beyond confident that we are likewise destined to soar together into an incredibly bright future in 2021-2022. 

    Wishing you and your family all the best this summer and into the future!

    Dr. Rob Glass, Superintendent of Schools