Welcome to the Transportation Department

  • ** The deadline for written requests for transportation to a non-public school or for child care transportation for both the 2020 - 2021 school year AND the 2021- 2022 school year has been extended to May 27, 2021.**
    Please email ndolce@eufsdk12.org with any questions or concerns.


    The goal of the Transportation Department is to provide a safe and economical transportation system for District students and to adapt the system to the demands of the instructional program.




    Eligibility for Transportation

    Eligibility for transportation is based on mileage. This distance is measured from the legal residence of a child to his/her school of attendance.  Students are eligible for transportation if they meet the following mileage requirements:

    • Grades K-1:  0.25 miles or greater
    • Grades 2-5:   0.40 miles or greater
    • Grades 6-12: 0.80 miles or greater

    Mileage shall be measured from the nearest roadway closest to the center point of the student’s parcel to the center of the driveway (bus loop) in front of the building entrance of the school of attendance. The distance from the roadway to the center of the parcel is not included in the measurement. The measurement is based on the shortest route between home and school in either direction, either walking or driving. A property extending into an eligibility zone shall be eligible for transportation.

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    Nicole Dolce
    Supervisor of Transportation
    (914) 793-6130 ext. 4280