• Great Start Guide

    Key information, guides and tutorials for restarting school on September 10th

    A hearty THANK YOU to our amazing staff and families who have pulled together to prepare for a safe and successful school year of hybrid learning with a fully remote option! Although we are well-prepared, this will be a year full of many new processes and procedures. Accordingly we ask in advance for your patience as we make any necessary adjustments throughout the first several weeks of school.

  • Procedures & Guides

    • NEW- Click the link for ezSCRN app & Health Screening Procedure (prior to each in-person attendance day)
      • To report any technical problems with the app please email ezscrn@eufsdk12.org. 
      • If you are unable to get the app to function, we will take your child's temperature at the door. However, please do the following before sending your child(ren) to school:
        • Take your child's temperature and make sure it is below 100 degrees
        • Make sure you can answer 'no' to the following questions:
          • In the last 14 days has your child shown COVID-19 symptoms or tested positve for COVID-19?
          • In the last 14 days, has your child been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or who has shown symptoms of the disease?
          • Have you been to a state within the past 14 days which meets the threshold for positive COVID-19 test rates requiring you to be quarantined upon your entry into New York pursuant to Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order?



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  • General Information & Announcements

    Technical Support

    • For technical support related to logins, passwords, devices, etc., please send inquiries to eufsdtechhelp@eufsdk12.org. 
    • For technical suport related to the ezSCRN app, please send inquiries to ezscrn@eufsdk12.org.
    • For parent technology resources please follow this link.